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Why we're different.

You may think you know estate planning, or maybe even already have a will or power of attorney document drawn up. But there are some important things that you should know that we employ that you will not find in a traditional model of estate planning:

· Flat fees. Nothing we do is billed on an hourly basis. Everything we do is billed flat fee, agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises. You'll know exactly what it will cost to work with us, after we've gotten clear about what you want, and you'll even be able to choose your own fee. Then, after the initial planning process, we have options so that you can ensure your plan stays up to date throughout your life, and again you'll know exactly what that costs and choose your own fee there.

· Continual support. That means, if you are at the bank and call our office to get a quick answer about how to title an account, you don't have to leave the bank and return on another day because there was no one available to answer your question for hours or days. You'll be able to speak to someone right away. And, if necessary, we'll get a call scheduled so that I can be prepared and you can be prepared and we won't waste your time playing phone tag.

· Planning that never goes stale. Once you sign your planning documents, that is when the relationship really begins. At no additional charge, we review your plan at least every three years. And, we have two levels of membership programs that almost all of our clients participate in – either the gold program which provides you with a yearly plan review and unlimited changes to your plan or the gold plus program that includes an annual meeting with your attorney, CPA and financial advisor, plus ongoing legal guidance throughout the year.

Finally, we don't just focus on passing on your financial assets, but your whole family wealth. Everyone knows you leave the tangible stuff behind, but we think it's important that you leave the intangible stuff as well. Your loved ones will be looking for you long after you're going and we know that-if you could-you would always be there. That's why we help you pass on more than your money. We help you pass on your intellectual, spiritual and human assets as well. We include that with every plan. Your families will love having that as part of their plan and you will love providing it. We see planning as just the beginning of the relationship and the actual documents as just a small component.

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